Saturday, December 3, 2011

Berea College

Ever since I talked with Mr.Whitley about it, and how much he seemed to enjoy it (given that was... more than a few years ago), I started researching it. And the prospect of not paying for ANYTHING except room and board when I go to college seems so amazing. I could end up going to grad school and having half the debt I would if I went to, let's say, Murray State, UK, or anywhere else. Of course, since the college is free, the admissions rate is very low. One of the most difficult colleges in Kentucky to apply to. The acceptance rate is around 19%. However, the requirements for acceptance are very limited, and luckily for me, I believe I have all of those requirements. Here they are:
I find it interesting that 2 years of laboratory science is required by this college. That makes me feel extremely confident, because as of right now, I know about only about 20 students at Lone Oak High School of the 1,200 that go here that have 2 years of actual laboratory science. Berea is one of the top liberal arts colleges in the United States. I find it amazing the diversity in classes, people, ethnicity, and majors that keeps on popping up in reviews I've read. Another thing I find interesting is that the deadline for applications is on April 30th, a lot later than other colleges or universities.
The arts department is very well-focused and formed at Berea because of the fact it is a liberal arts college. It doesn't say exactly what the portfolio requirements are, but it does recommend an AP studio course, and a recent portfolio from that. The portfolio will be judged by the ENTIRE art faculty, which is kind of nerve-wracking, and they will determine whether your concentration best be fit in Studio, General, or Art History. It seems like they take their "arting" seriously, and I'm glad they do. :)
Here's the link to the art department.
Here's the link to the general website.


  1. This does sound like a really interesting school. I'm not sure I would like it exactly, but it seems like it would suit you fairly well. I don't know if I would have the requirements to be accepted into such a school, either. What other schools are you interested in?

  2. Berea is kind of a college for the unfortunate, if you will. Generally people who cannot afford to go to college get accepted here, but the don't put up with unmotivated students. You have to be in the top 20 percentile of students. Aka: like.. 26 or higher on ACT, at least 3.7 gpa. I don't know what other schools I want to go to in Kentucky yet. All of my schools I want to go to are in the northeast states, like Pennsylvania, or Maryland. :/

  3. My aunt and a good friend both attended Berea (in the arts programs) and both of them have nothing but praise for the program. I think you'd be very wise to apply. You would be a great fit there!