Saturday, April 28, 2012

Second project

I actually had thought about doing my second project based on a photo my friend sent of me. Charcoal and all that. But... I had forgotten how much I really did enjoy clay when it didn't fall apart on me/hate me/destroy my life. So... I figured I'd make something functional. Something that I'd actually use or at least place somewhere I could see. So. I'm going to make a vase based on the Maori pottery and design that shows up often in their culture. It's going to be a vase with a wide middle, and long, thin neck. Similar to the one in this picture, with all the carved designs and whatnot. I'm most likely going to carve leaves similar to the ones already on the vase and in the picture below it. Also. As far as the steps to accomplishing my goal... I found two bowls in the room that could create it... A wide, short bowl to be the base half of the vase, and another bowl of the same width, but taller to be the top half. The rest is also explained in the other picture below.... My designs. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Maori Hei-Tiki #2

For my hei-tiki project I had decided to do a set of necklaces. Only two. All was going well. I finished over spring break. I was really proud of the second one I had made. I liked it a lot better than the person one.

And of course. With my luck. It broke. But it was fixable. So I took it home, reconstituted it, and reattached it to the best of my ability. It was still spring break, so I figured I'd relax for the rest of the week, and bring it to school on Monday to fire it. Again, my luck struck me. It broke again, but this time, beyond repair. Just into tons and tons of pieces. So. I had to remake the entire thing that night. I don't have a finished picture of it, but it looked like the picture below at one point, and I have yet to take it out of the kiln. What I've learned from this oh too wonderful experience is to be more careful with my transportation of artwork, and make doubly sure that all containers, boxes, etc., won't smash or scratch or deface your artwork.