Monday, August 22, 2011

About that 1970s artwork...

Hey guys! :) This post is gonna be (as you could've guessed) about 1960-70s circa artwork! Ah... What a wonderful time I didn't live in. Around every corner there were signs of social reform, feminist and anti-war movements, whisperings of potential-space colonies, and whole heaps of exciting things that would change the outcome of what we are today! No wonder the artwork from this period is so unique! After a bit of internet searching, I found this absolutely compelling and interesting piece created by a college art student from Australia.  

This guy is just absolutely amazing at what he does, not just cause he's kinda cute (come on girls, you know it!), but because of the complicated and hard work he seemed to have put into the piece. First off, let me inform you this is a self-portrait by a guy named "John Thompson" created in 2006, based on 1960s - 1970s british pop artwork.  The  process he used to create this is so absolutely astounding and complicated to me, I can't easily explain it. But that's not going to stop me from trying! He began with a digital image of himself, manipulated it, separated it into different tones, printed, cut out, posted on vinyl, (couldn't stop there) and used elements of graffiti and spray art, along with stenciling. Wow! I believe he definitely captured the essence of the "psychedelic 70s" by using starkly contrasting colors, upping the intensity, using flowing lines, and placing himself directly in the foreground. This makes it that much more visually appealing and makes your eye flow across the whole piece. You can't just look at one corner of the artwork and move on. Props to John for making a very interesting piece. 
Hope ya enjoyed the post. :) 


  1. I am a girl and I do know it.
    I love this.

  2. Clayton! I love this blog! When I read your typed words, I actually imagine you saying it in your tone of voice! This is so you! Sorry but I don't have any critical comments... ;)

  3. Loved this! I can tell that you really enjoyed researching this.

  4. I really enjoy that you type this as if you were actually saying it. This is really interesting and I love that he brought art from the 60's-70's back in the 2000's.