Thursday, August 25, 2011

Them Frenchies just steal my little artistic heart!

Hey there! :) First off, do as I tell you. GO WATCH THIS VIDEO. It's completely worth it. If the school has it blocked for some godly unknown and most likely irrational reason, go ask Mrs. Stamper to type in her magic password and whatnot so you can. Or watch it at home. Once again, let me reiterate. IT'S COMPLETELY WORTH IT. Go now, my little bloggers! Watch, and come back!

Here's a picture of the end product related to the video for those of you that don't want to be amazed.

(This part is for both you video-viewers and non-video-viewers!)

This picture doesn't really do much justice to the one in the video, but oh well. Basically, this duo of urban or "street" artists from france named "Supakitch and Koralie" joined together a few years back to spread how urban artwork isn't just graffiti and spraypaint. There IS an actual process of art behind it. Both of them are very heavily influenced by japanese artwork and culture, as they grew up watching french/japanese anime and manga, which is apparently VERY popular in France. Recently, actual galleries have hired them to install their street artwork in their refined walls, unaccustomed to such contemporary and modern ideas. As you may have noticed in the video, their use of mediums was unusual, but not more than the ordinary artists would use. Felt-tip pins, ink, acrylic and watercolor paints, vinyl, hardbacked paper. I believe the reason they are so successful is because of their pre-planning, laying out exactly what needs to go where at one time, their understanding of unity (majorly), and how they are confident in what they do. They don't hesitate when they draw lines on the wall or paint. They go right into it, knowing exactly what they want. Also, a bit of background info. They weren't a couple in this video, even though they may look it. Supakitch didn't propose to Koralie until a later installation in the streets of New York City. Very romantic. You should check it out. :) Check the first link below for their website where they have merchandise for sale and their artwork on view. Check the second link below for another cool video that is an advertisement for an art convention in France that Supa and Kora were in. It's not.. necessarily... school appropriate. So don't watch it in class, or if you do, make sure Stamper watches it first and says it's okay or whatever. DON'T GET ME IN TROUBLE, K? Happy blogging. :3


  1. Love this! Make sure Jordan checks this out! Great blogging full of you personality, facts, pics and links!

  2. Hey..... i think these things you have said are kinda cool...

  3. I did look at this the day you told me about it, but I wasn't sure what to comment and say, but I've had the time to think and I just wanted to say thanks for putting this up because this is inspirational to me in so many ways. I'm in my third year of french and have yet to find a way to intertwine that into anime (which I love<3) So I just wanted to thank you again and if you find anything else related please let me know.