Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween!!... Not really.

Hey there guys! :) I thought I was going to do a blog this week over halloween or something creepy to fit the theme, but I found this instead. I'd stumbled upon this before, I believe. But theses were more interesting.

I just think that this artist is amazing. As I've been looking through modern/contemporary artwork over the last couple of months, I've noticed that many artist nowadays seem to actually produce their artwork "on-scene" in a gallery or some other such place. This in itself adds a sortof "excitement" to the artwork, if you will. But just because an artist does that, doesn't necessarily mean they are talented. However, this woman seems exceptionally talented. Not only does she play with the viewers' perception of her artwork, but she knows how to paint very well. She knows what values/shades need to go where to create a certain shadow or lack thereof, highlights in the right places, etc. With this type of artwork, you MUST get all of this perfectly correct or it will ruin the entire piece. Yet, she never faltered. Placement was also very important. If the model was too close or too far away, the illusion would be ruined. But, placing the model directly infront of the background allows the viewers' eyes to connect the two, and connect them "as one". Kudos to this woman. I'd love to see one of these additions to a gallery in person. If you ever want to search for this on your own, just type in "still life still alive" on google and I promise some of these will pop up. :)

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  1. Wow, this is really interesting! I like her work, she's genuinely talented!