Saturday, October 15, 2011


This is my exact face and question I asked to the employers (but really myself) that posted this online job application to be a "Sports Merchandizing Art Director".,%20CA&utm_campaign=simplyhired
Contrary to popular belief, I'm just fine with sports. I don't care for them, but I don't profusely dislike them for no reason. However... This job just seems absolutely horrid. I mean, the requirements just scream out to me "HEY! YOU! YEAH YOU! BE OUR ART/MARKET/RESEARCH/MERCHANDISE/ORGANIZING/OFFICE DIRECTOR AND DO EVERYTHING WE TELL YOU AND LOVE THE COMPANY PUHLEASEEE?!?!?!?!?!?"
If you actually read all of the requirements, some of them are just ridiculous. Just to cite a few..

Understands the brand and is passionate about its past, present and future.

Take the lead on all creative projects and be able to balance great design with cost and time requirements.

  • Command Skills: Relishes leading; takes unpopular stands if necessary, encourages direct and tough debate but isn’t afraid to end it and move on, is looked to for direction in a crisis and is energized by tough challenges.
  • Conflict Management: Steps up to conflicts, seeing them as opportunities, reads situations quickly and is good at focused listening
    • Flexibility and the ability to handle constructive criticism are essential
    • Must be able to turn around projects quickly and accurately
    • Meet deadlines and work under pressure

      If you actually read all of the requirements, some of them are just ridiculous. Just to cite a few..
      I mean, it may just be me, but it seems like this company just wants you do to all of the things they don't want to do, and you need to be happy about it while you're doing. The entire job description basically says : You're going to have to work with people all the time, and they're most likely to be people you don't like, and if you all fight, you have to deal with it. You also have to do every project we tell you about (and occasionally we get mad at you for ones you didn't do that we didn't tell you about), and you have to organize everything in the office, do all of our research for us, collaborate with other companies (don't screw that up!!), and by the way, you have to do all of this under extreme deadlines and pressure, and just... Be happy about it all! Kthxbye. 

      I'd absolutely hate this job. 

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  1. This is real life - and most jobs. The only unfortunate thing about this is that more companies aren't this honest in their job description. Get used to it!