Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dat lotus eater.

Guys. This website is so intense. Like... I just have no idea how to explain to you how amazed I am by this  artist. I never post a week ahead of time, I've never had my jaw open while starting at artwork, and I've never felt truly emotionally moved by any artist. Yes, over the years as I have grown as an artist, I have seen what is defined as "truly great" or a "masterpiece", I've seen and experienced what an artist must go through to create an astonishing piece, I've seen the "masters" work... But pertaining the most... I've seen that some artists rely on emotions to connect with their viewers.. But I've never seen such a great example of it. This person... Whomever they may be... I believe is a genius. The music of course, brings a completely different atmosphere to his/her work than if it simply did not exist. I've never felt the actual depression, or sadness of a piece of art. Please go to this website and maybe you'll understand how I felt. Like I said, sound is just as important as the artwork itself. You'll notice that once you get to the website, there are little black roses on the right side of the picture frame. Hover over them to navigate the website. The little hovering black dots on the opposite side of the picture frame let you see his/her different pieces of art. You'll understand after you see it for yourself.


Here's a direct quote from my friend Emily Hannan, which I believe really does explain this artwork completely.
"This is crazy... It's like I'm walking through a nightmare. It's like a good feeling, but at the same time, it's not."
For some reason, this artist wants his/her identity to stay unknown. I've researched it for a while, and even on their deviantart account, they don't have any personal information. This artwork is just astonishing to me. The artist is a master at the grey-scale, shown by how they use close to every value of grey I can possibly think of. It creates a nice sense of unity throughout the pieces. The intensity is, of course, on the darker side. He/she is also wonderful at creating texture throughout the pieces, as shown by the rocks, canyons, wood planks, etc. One thing that I found that stood out throughout the pieces is the anatomy of the characters. You will notice if you look carefully how the artist makes it a point to show characters actually GROWING into the ground or, in one case, their own face. I just absolutely loved this website and wish I knew who the artist was.

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  1. This site is PRETTY INTENSE Clayton, it gives me chills! ;D It totally Rocked-My-Neon-Sockz!!