Saturday, September 10, 2011


Got another link for ya here, followers. You know the drill. :P

I stumbled upon this interesting artist earlier in the week, and I had lost her link for a while. It slightly upset me because I wanted to do my next project based on her style. But, lo and behold! I had outsmarted myself and had written down the link. :) The artist's name is Marion Bolognesi, as you may have noticed. She lives in New York City, and has a Bachelors in Fine Arts Degree (BFA) from Massachusetts College of Art & Design in Boston. So, she definitely knows what she's doing. :P But what peaked my interest the most is that she has a - successful, nonetheless - art career in accessories design in NEW YORK CITY, the city of fashion itself! Imagine how she had to fight to the top and work hours upon hours with designs after designs. I admire her for that. But what I admire her for more is that even though she has this (most likely) time consuming career, she still makes just as much time to work on her personal portfolio.

Both of the pictures below I will probably use as inspiration for MY portfolio. So interesting!


  1. Clayton! You're 2 for 2! I have used your blogs as examples in my other art classes twice now! Keep up the good work!

  2. Wow, these are amazing water colors, how do you find such different yet great art work? Are you going to do something in related to this artist's style? I think you could:)

  3. I LOVE IT Clayton! I think might have to try something like this myself! I am SO looking forward in seeing your own personal design using this technique!!!

  4. I wish I had water color skills like that.