Friday, September 30, 2011

Tour Eiffel

This isn't the real eiffel tower! :O I fooled you guys. :3 I think this is really cool. Also how the woman is just standing there on the sidewalk, derpin. I assume whomever the artist was, he took photoshop or some other type of image-altering program, and just had at it! :O Let us review this wonderful contemporary artwork and the elements/principles contained with it. <--- lol. Okay!!!!! So. The artist obviously uses the lines contained within the eiffel tower and recreates them to suit his/her idea. Instead of the metal framework being contained and brought to a single point, he/she JUST GOES ABSOLUTELY INSANE. It's like they're trying to create a roller coaster track, almost. The lines comes out of the eiffel tower, twisting and turning in every direction, even coming towards you. Almost like the eiffel tower is whipping its hair back and forth. GOIN CRAZY. Which leads me to the proportion/perspective. It is obviously a one point perspective, and the vanishing point being somewhere near the bottom of the eiffel tower. But what I find so cool about this is how the artist skews the surroundings to curve inward, toward the tower itself. The proportion is... Normal, as it was a photograph to begin with. However, the big giant metal arm coming towards you actually makes you imagine being there, and the woman standing next to it on the sidewalk gives you an appreciation of how big the actual tower is. Ohhh... What else.. Oh! Space. Of course you're smart enough to figure this out. The foreground being the woman (kindof), the buildings, and the sideway, middle-ground being the tower, and background being the treesssssss...... and the far away streets/beginning of other parts of the city. Happy blogging! :P

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